Coaching and Direction

  • Is your productivity hindered by your lack of experience in online marketing?
  • Do you own online business/ventures that are there to do your bidding but lack the direction to put them to good use?
  • Do you feel your internet property is serving only a fraction of its target customer base?
  • Looking to overhaul your website design but not sure where to start or what to alter?
  • Do you lack the basic understanding of how a website is hosted and how it might affect your business if you need to alter your host computer?

It is part of our client relation that we educate you in what you are being offered and how it functions, even on a preliminary level. This helps you in turn to understand what your website needs, what we are going to provide you with and how it can be put to good use. Once the initial idea gets instilled in your thinking process, the conceptualization of the website development process itself becomes a two-way street where we sit with the client themselves and exchange and improve on ideas and their implementation.

Let us break it down how coaching you for your website can benefit you

  • Half an hour, or one hour consultation sessions: Speak to us, let us know what you need, exchange and bounce ideas off both parties on how to improve the website
  • Membership Framework: Learn how to use the membership framework that runs your website and how it can be optimized for best utility
  • Brainstorming: The best ideas are pulled out of nothing but sitting around a table and brain wracking for innovative ideas
  • Site Review: Is your site not performing at the level you expect it to, do you think it can be improved for better performance
  • One-on-one teaching and feedback: Lest the jargon is too much of an imposition that is not on par with your level of understanding, you can always sit down with one of our team members and catch up on that section that slipped by you.

Looking to talk to us in person? We are always looking forward to hear from you. Now you can use the button at the bottom of the page to apply for a half an hour or an hour long Skype consultation that foremost of all is friendly on your pockets.

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