Meet The Team

At Beyond Targets we do not treat our clients as partakers in our business, but rather as a relationship to nurture and mutually benefit and evolve from. Since 2009, Beyond Targets has taken the initiative to build lifelong relationships with prospective customers who come and visit us time and again with new projects to collaborate on. Entrepreneurs, IT start-ups, e-Commerce portals, we have collaborated with all of the aforementioned and more and deployed fully functional packages.

The job assignment process is not as intimidating as people who do not belong to a computer savvy background might imagine it to be. We try our earnest to present the layout as understable by our customers, in their terms in their perspectives, such that no benefit of doubt is assigned anywhere thanks to ambiguity or misunderstanding.

The job does not simply run its course, after the package has been deployed to the end-user. We request our customers to constantly update us on the progress they make with understanding the package, using it to its fullest utility and extent. In case the user is unable to fathom the intricacies of the package, runs into any unprecedented error, needs a crash course or just wants to understand how the gears and axles run under the bonnet, we would be more than happy to co-operate with him.



Tarun Saini - CEO

Primarily a Optimizepress membership site developer and internet marketer by profession, Tarun has extensive knowledge of the intricacies and the machinations of the internet marketing world after working in the same industry for over 3 years now. With his strong suit being capitalizing on the endless prospects provided by the internet to the field of marketing, Tarun can take your business idea from being words on paper to a fledgling business plan that can actually evolve and take flight if nurtured and nudged in the right direction.

If a state-of-the-art Optimizepress Membership site is what you need, then Tarun can transform the blueprint of the website into a scalable, functional web portal that acts as the de facto online front for your business, scalable, handheld runnable, robust and secure.


Nik Saini - OP Dev.

Nikhil is the artistic half of the duo, who envisions the look and feel of every project undertaken. As Beyond Target’s in house artist, Nikhil has a keen eye for bringing out the aesthetic beauty in a project, rather than leaving it as a bare bones arrangement of code upon code.

With 2 years of experience, OptimizePress Theme, Thesis Theme and Genesis Theme are the stomping grounds for Nikhil as far as WordPress is concerned. With a feneral finesse in all things look-and-feel pertaining to the website, Nikhil manages it all with elan.


Gaurav - Tester & Dev.

While Tarun and Nikhil are the brains behind the initiation and structure,  Gaurav helps the websites take off.  Gaurav is in charge of determining what kind of shape and sound would be perfect for your website so that it starts raking business for you from the word go. Concerned with the execution of the website after it has been coded and customized completely,  Gaurav gives your website the proper online footing and launchpad it deserves, in order to garner web attention. Some of  Gaurav’s previous gems are available for your perusal in our portfolios section.


Eddy - Business Admin

The Crew

Our crew specializes in delivering clean, prim and proper websites that run flawlessly across platforms without a hitch, least of whose problems are dead codes, non-functional links.

Our crew specializes in the following departments in particular:

  • Optimizepress Website Design
  • Optimizepress Membership Site Development
  • Optimizepress Membership Integration
  • Optimizepress Funnel's Integration
  • Optimizepress Landing & Sales Pages Design